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We did not start in the safety industry, just to become another supplier. From the beginning, we focussed on revolutionising the industry. We are not here simply to ‘supply product’, but rather to put safety solutions first and to build genuine business partnerships. Our drive is sourced by a relentless desire to ensure every transaction is founded by a ‘solution based’ approach.

This solution based approach now makes up the foundation of our ethos. We are never primarily in front of our customers to sell. We are in front of customers to first and foremost – provide meaningful safety solutions, reduce operational costs, and to create sustainable, meaningful business partnerships.

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John Macnamara


Tanya Macnamara


David Harreveld


Shane Boyes

Partnership Manager

Scott Prince

Brand Ambassador

Trish Macnamara

Marketing and Community Engagement Manager

Kylie Brunsmann

Finance Officer

Lauren Dyer

Customer Service Officer

Jacinta Mitchell

Customer Service Officer

Emily Dempsey

Customer Service Officer

Anneme Bezuidenhout

Senior Manager, Client Solutions

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Warehouse Manager

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Warehouse Trainee

Matt Ledingham

Hire Controller, DD Traffic Hire